Significant Accomplishments

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  • Designed, programmed and licensed an internet based Google API mapping system for zip code, county and city boundary maps. Currently utilized by 1000s of visitors per day and licensed to several companies.

  • Wrote Apache modules for authentication using sql and cookies. Currently using these modules in my membership and shopping cart applications.

  • Designed, programmed and licensed an internet based Linux/Apache/Perl/SQL shopping cart and membership system currently serving eleven customers. Utilizes user customizable HTML templates and flexible table layouts. This system is undergoing constant development and improvement, funded by customer requirements.

  • Designed, programmed and licensed a mainframe (IBM AS/400 - S/36) based RPG II integrated accounting and manufacturing system currently serving nine customers. I spent over fifteen years developing this system and is still being supported.

  • Researched, developed and tested an RFID tag system to track the history of custom built hearing aids. In the process I gained a fairly detailed understanding of both the uses and limitations of RFID technology.

  • Developed and taught a classroom oriented instruction series for the mainframe application. Taught this series to new clients during the Y2K era.

  • Developed a payroll system for a large (7000+) nurse registry in New York. Involved multi-state payroll, part and full time employees and flexible time schedules. Also managed the DP department, including hiring/firings and employee reviews.

  • Developed a multi-cast satellite transmission/reception system for a client that involved an internet feedback application for retransmission of missed packets. This application was developed to replace an off the shelf program that was prohibitive in cost.

  • Developed a garlic production program for a major grower in California that has been in continuous use for over a decade. If you purchase Spice World garlic, then you’ve used a product that has passed through this system.

  • Developed a yearbook production system for a major yearbook printer that allowed the customer to reduce their payroll from over thirty employees to just twelve. This system changed the company from a money loser to profitable.

  • Produced, edited and did all the camera and audio work for over thirty TV commercials for a half hour cable TV show using digital cameras and non-linear editing techniques. Also produced several info-mercials, music videos and specials for other customers.

  • Developed an internet based trivia word game called “Tizy” that contains over 3500 questions and answers. There are hundreds of people playing this game, some play every day of the month. Players can contribute questions and also make corrections. Game is reset each month and players are limited to a number of incorrect answers every day. My brother, who won $42,000 on “Jeopardy” inspired this game.

  • Wrote and published the book "Programming RTF with Clipper" that sold about 400 copies around the world back in the early '90's.

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